Lakerun Learning Center (LLC)

Lakerun Learning Center has earned 4 out 4 stars within the Keystone STARS Program.

Lakerun Learning Center offers open enrollment all year round for preschool and kindergarten age children .

Early Learning Success

Curriculum & The Children's Literacy Initative


Our program uses Early Learning Success Curriculum with a strong focus on the Children's Literacy Initiative.

Lakerun Learning Center uses the Early Learning Success Curriculum.  The curriculum encourages children to learn through play. Our teachers create lessons based on the interests and development needs of each child. The learning centers within each room are created and designed to incorporate learning in every developmental area while focusing on a central theme or topic.

The Children's Literacy Initiative is based on teaching early reading and writing skills. Teachers provide individual attention and instruction to help the children work at their own pace and allow them to reach their potential.