Lakerun Learning Center (LLC)

     Kindergarten had another month of learning and fun in January. We finished up our studies on habitats, as well as investigating the snow and ice this month. We will be gladly leaving the cold behind in our upcoming themes! As we move into February, the Kindergarten class will be focusing on community, how to be good friends, and learning about our country. Science and art continue to be the Kindergartener's favorite types of activities, but over the next month we will also have an emphasis on math and literacy skills incorporated through games and crafts. It's wonderful to see how far each of the students has come since the start of Kindergarten, and they continue to grow each day as they advance towards first grade!    

            January was so much fun!  We had a great time learning about the science behind winter and snow.  We also learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and about his dream.  The children promised to change the world for better and were very enthusiastic to share their dreams for the future world.
                Welcome to the month of friendship.  This month will be very fun and enjoyable to our class.  I will be encouraging the class to learn how to value our friends.   We will discuss what friends are. What do we like about our friends?  What can you do with your friends?  We will be hosting a friendship party on Thursday, February 14th.
                If the weather permits (hopefully) we will try to go out to play; parents, please send your child with a warm jacket, snow pants, gloves, hats/mittens, and boots.  Our children don’t want to miss the snow fun.

      February begins with the age old question -- will Punxsutawney Phil predict an early spring or longer winter? The class is going to make their own predictions based on the seasons. While we are on the subject of groundhogs, we are going to do some research on what are groundhogs and what can they do. The Super Bowl will kick off on Sunday and I am curious which team will get the most votes.
      On President's Day the group is going to do a Venn Diagram on the facts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's life. A fun writing prompt for the group: If I were President....... A stem idea for those willing to try is make a log cabin using craft sticks, glue, and paint.
     I am looking forward to the creative classroom decorating ideas for Valentine's Day. I have an easy idea to make paint swatch bookmarks and of course sweet cards.


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