We are currently looking for qualified substitute teachers. Flexible hours, competitive wages, great work environment.

* ECE degree preferred
* At least two years' experience in the preschool or child care field.

Please contact Jennifer Miller at:  570-226-4680 or jmiller@lakerunlearningcenter.com

We are an equal opportunity employer.


  • Initial Screenings
  • Developmental Assessments
  • Individualized Teaching
  • Family Engagement
  • School Readiness
  • Safe Environment
  • Community Involvement

learning About the Water Cycle

LLearning About the Water Cycle

At Lakerun Learning Center, we help children discover the joy in learning by engaging their interests and curiosity through play. We prepare our children not only for school but for life by focusing on their social skills and emotional needs, the essential skills which form the foundation for all other learning.    We offer smaller class sizes which allows us to give each child the individualized attention they need to reach their own potential. We have strong, positive relationships with all of the families and we work with each family to provide the best possible learning environment for their child.

Children benefit from...

We have a no tolerance policy for bullying! At an early age, children are taught how to express their feelings, handle conflicts and appreciate the differences in all people.


Job Opportunities

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